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I just want to make one thing clear. I am not McCain Bashing. McCain is doing a fine job of bashing himself. I actually like the man: like him NOT to be my next president. I feel bad for the guy. I think that maybe, just possibly that John McCain has gone insane. Insane McCain, don’t agree? ok here is the Acid test…Who did he pick for his VP? Do really want another out-of-touch, war-eyed, crazed republican puppet, a half a heartbeat away from kicking the bucket, with Palin as his VP in the white house? If you do, its time to take the little blue pill and chase Alice down the rabbit hole. (apologies if your name is Alice, and to any rabbits out there that I may have offended).

McCain is out of touch with the majority of Americans, he disagrees with us. Don’t take my word for it: hear it from the Elephant’s mouth (five minutes twenty-two seconds in to the above video). He admits that he waffles on issues, (and no not the waffles you eat at Dennys), for the sake of his ambition to be president, “Yes, [I] worse than waffled” (5:47). He will say or do anything for the sake of his ambition to become president. Are republicans being Delusional or Decieptful? or is it both?

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You haven’t seen anything yet, the Elephant’s level of lies and deceptions will come to a fever pitch a day or two before election day.

Republicans will perform all types of tricks to be elected, don’t underestimate these peanut munchers, they have a lot to lose this election. (especially in the house and the senate), they are going to lose a lot of seats in Washington this year.

Flip-flopping? you haven’t seen anything yet! this is just the warm-ups. They have more twist and turns than a gymnast. The whales and the dolphins at Seaworld are complaining because the republicans have stolen their act. Folks, get out your cameras, pay attention, because “you aint seen nothin yet”… be ready, and do not be fooled….lets show them, because “eight is enough”, Just say no to Bush 3.0!

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The Bush Era in Perspective

By Robert Kagan

Note: This essay appears in the September/October 2008 edition of Foreign Affairs.

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An Enduring Peace Built on Freedom

Securing America’s Future

By John McCain

From Foreign Affairs , November/December 2007

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