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The U.S. is a country built of immigrants. So how come it’s so hard to become a legal resident? Some people have to wait outside the US for years and have to go through an obstacle course of impossible bureaucracy. Families are torn apart and separated often for years.

Here are some stories of people trying to follow the rules and doing it the right way. http://news.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/04/11/share-your-immigration-story/index.html

It almost feels like people are getting punished for playing by the rules. No wonder that there are estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States.

Both candidates didn’t really talk about the topic of immigration during their campaigns. In the final presidential campaign the word immigration came up only once and not as a topic point. McCain: You’re running ads that misportray completely my position on immigration. So the fact is that Sen. Obama is spending unprecedented — unprecedented in the history of American politics, going back to the beginning, amounts of money in negative attack ads on me.(CNN.com)

But let’s have a look at how the two candidates approach this problem on their websites.

Obama’s policy on immigration:

He wants:

  • to overhaul the immigration system and bureaucracy.
  • to encourage people to come out of the shadows and create a fair system to do so.
  • that illegal immigrants to learn English, pay a fine and start their process of becoming legal citizens.
  • to put more resources in securing the boarders.
  • to crack down on employers employing undocumented workers (BarakObama.com).

Barack Obama believes that politics have to be put aside for this issue.Everybody, Democrats and Republicans, have to make an effort to fix this situation together. (My opinion: It’s a good thought,but what are the chances?!?)

McCain’s policy on immigration:

McCain has some of the same ideas than Obama. He wants to reform the system with a two-step program.

  • The first step for him would be to secure the boarders with fences and more resources.
  • Than he wants to “implement a secure, accurate, and reliable electronic employment verification system to ensure that individuals are screened for work eligibility in a real-time fashion.”
  • Also part of his plan is to prosecute employers that continue hiring undocumented workers and
  • also to ensure that all undocumented aliens either leave or follow the path to legal residence (JohnMcCain.com)

There is also of course the concern of American citizens that the “illegals are taking their jobs away” That is not true. “According to Jeffrey S. Passel, a demographer at the non-partisan Pew Hispanic Center, in 2005 unauthorized immigrants made up about 4.9 percent of the labor force, or about 7.2 million workers out of 148 million” (NYtimes.com). Many illegal immigrants have jobs Americans don’t want. 

1,What is your opinion about immigration- illegal and legal? 

2,What are your thoughts about Obama’s plan for integrating illegal immigrants by making it possible for them to obtain legal residency or citizenship?







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Just in case you didn’t catch the debate, even though I’m sure clips from it will be thrown at you, I was surprised they talked about different issues like abortion and education. I found a snip where they discussed Roe v. Wade and since I know it is Fiorella’s topic and was last week’s discussion, I’d thought I’d share with you guys.

I really personally admire Obama’s response and disregarded McCain towards the end when he spoke of the “pro-abortion” movement. I didn’t know one existed, I haven’t recently attended an abortion celebrations. I found the term “pro-abortion” very insulting and ignorant of John McCain. He also went on to use the term directly after Obama pointed out that no one essentially is for abortion.

Also McCain’s comments about Obama’s view of abortion reminded of an ad that ran not to long ago. I found another video of the ad that ran where a girl who survived abortion stated that she would not be here if Obama had his way (the clip I’ve posted also includes an interview with the star of the ad).

I fact checked the ad and Obama’s supposed support of infanticide. Obama voted against the specific bill McCain refers to because he saw the bill as undermining to Roe v. Wade. I also fact checked on wether or not Gianna Jessen the girl who claims Obama would have ended her life would honestly not survived under Obama. I found that she would have lived under Obama or McCain, either way she would have lived, her life would have been protected by Illinois law.

I also would like to point out I admire the little bit of dignity that “Allen” brings to Hannity’s interview with Jessen, by sticking up for Obama something which seems to be against Fox News code of conduct.

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McCain and Obama on 60 Minutes

Here is the link  to the interviews of the two presidential candidates and their position on the major issues ( the economy, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, energy policy and health care) from last nights ’60 Minutes’. I thought this a good opportunity to compare what each candidate stands for.

http://www.cbsnews.com/video/60minutes/. This link will lead you to the 60 Minutes Video archive. There are 6 Videos (the whole last nights episode of 60 Minutes) you can watch and see the different opinions of the two presidential candidates.

Just thought it was interesting to watch and wanted to share it with the rest of the class.

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Renewing American Leadership
By Barack Obama

From Foreign Affairs, July/August 2007

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Last year the influential journal Foreign Affairs, published by the Council of Foreign Relations, asked the presidential hopefuls of both parties to write essays in which they set out their vision of what American foreign policy should be, the vision that they would implement should they become president. This essay contains Obama’s vision and this one McCain’s. We’ll look first at Obama’s essay, then at McCain’s and then compare and contrast the two.

In Section I of his essay, Obama says that “At moments of great peril in the last century,” former American presidents such as Roosevelt, Truman, and Kennedy managed to do two things for the American people. What were those two things? They also, according to Obama, “ensured” something. What? How specifically did FDR, Truman, and Kennedy achieve these multiple goals?

Obama now says that in this century, the threats we face “are at least as dangerous as and in some ways more complex than those we have confronted in the past.” What are those threats? Confronted by these new and unconventional threats we must not “give way to pessimism,” Obama says, but must act, and we must act according to a new vision “that draws from the past but is not bound by outdated thinking.” As an example of outdated, conventional thinking, Obama adduces the response of the Bush administration to 9/11. What, according to Obama, was “conventional” about that response?

According to Obama, what is the “mistake we must not make” after the “thousands of lives lost and billions of dollars spent” in Iraq? Quite the contrary we must rededicate ourselves to what “mission” specifically? To put the same thing in other words, what is America’s “great promise and historic purpose in the world”?

Obama begins the next section by saying that “in order to “renew American leadership in the world,” we must first do what, specifically? And what must we do to achieve that goal? What else must we do in the Middle East? Specifically, what must we do in regard to the “growing threat” posed by Iran?

IN the next section, “Revitalizing the Military,” Obama sketches a plan for revitalizing and “enhancing” America’s military capabilities. What are the elements of that plan? “Enhancing our military will not be enough,” Obama says. Just as important is the use to which the commander-in-chief will put America’s overwhelming military power. How does Obama intend to use our revitalized military force?

How does Obama intend to halt “the spread of nuclear weapons, material, and technology”? Note his remarks concerning Russia and Iran. In what ways, specifically, must we seek “the active cooperation of Russia”? We must also “prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons”? Why? And how specifically can we achieve this goal?

Obama now talks about one of our truly “global” problems: terrorism. Where, according to Obama, must we focus in our fight against terrorism and what, specifically, must we do in these places? However, he cautions, “vigorous actions” in these places, though necessary, will not be sufficient “to defeat al Qaeda.” What else must we do, at home and abroad? Note especially the last two paragraphs. What are some of the elements that Obama would include in his “comprehensive strategy to defeat global terrorists”?

In the next section, Obama speaks of old alliances that need rebuilding and new ones that need to be built. What old ones does he emphasize and how would he revitalize and reform them? He also speaks of a looming threat other than terrorism that needs a global response. What is that threat and how does he intend to meet it?

IN the last two sections of the essay, Obama returns to the animating idea of the essay: America as a global leader: “Our global engagement…must be guided by a clear sense of what we stand for.” How must America behave in order to “build a better, freer world”? America must, he says, “commit to strengthening the pillars of a just society.” What are some of those pillars, and why must America commit to strengthening them in foreign countries? How will Obama go about realizing this aim? What statement by JFK does he adduce in support of this commitment?

What must the next president do “to restore the Amrican people’s trust,” in his foreign policy goals? Obama now speaks of “the next great American story.” What are the elements of that story? What pronoun does he use repeatedly in this paragraph? The use of this pronoun I find very troubling. Why, do you think, I find his repeated use of this pronoun troubling? Obama signs off by reminding us that “We can be this America again.” What America is that, specifically?

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