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The U.S. is a country built of immigrants. So how come it’s so hard to become a legal resident? Some people have to wait outside the US for years and have to go through an obstacle course of impossible bureaucracy. Families are torn apart and separated often for years.

Here are some stories of people trying to follow the rules and doing it the right way. http://news.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/04/11/share-your-immigration-story/index.html

It almost feels like people are getting punished for playing by the rules. No wonder that there are estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States.

Both candidates didn’t really talk about the topic of immigration during their campaigns. In the final presidential campaign the word immigration came up only once and not as a topic point. McCain: You’re running ads that misportray completely my position on immigration. So the fact is that Sen. Obama is spending unprecedented — unprecedented in the history of American politics, going back to the beginning, amounts of money in negative attack ads on me.(CNN.com)

But let’s have a look at how the two candidates approach this problem on their websites.

Obama’s policy on immigration:

He wants:

  • to overhaul the immigration system and bureaucracy.
  • to encourage people to come out of the shadows and create a fair system to do so.
  • that illegal immigrants to learn English, pay a fine and start their process of becoming legal citizens.
  • to put more resources in securing the boarders.
  • to crack down on employers employing undocumented workers (BarakObama.com).

Barack Obama believes that politics have to be put aside for this issue.Everybody, Democrats and Republicans, have to make an effort to fix this situation together. (My opinion: It’s a good thought,but what are the chances?!?)

McCain’s policy on immigration:

McCain has some of the same ideas than Obama. He wants to reform the system with a two-step program.

  • The first step for him would be to secure the boarders with fences and more resources.
  • Than he wants to “implement a secure, accurate, and reliable electronic employment verification system to ensure that individuals are screened for work eligibility in a real-time fashion.”
  • Also part of his plan is to prosecute employers that continue hiring undocumented workers and
  • also to ensure that all undocumented aliens either leave or follow the path to legal residence (JohnMcCain.com)

There is also of course the concern of American citizens that the “illegals are taking their jobs away” That is not true. “According to Jeffrey S. Passel, a demographer at the non-partisan Pew Hispanic Center, in 2005 unauthorized immigrants made up about 4.9 percent of the labor force, or about 7.2 million workers out of 148 million” (NYtimes.com). Many illegal immigrants have jobs Americans don’t want. 

1,What is your opinion about immigration- illegal and legal? 

2,What are your thoughts about Obama’s plan for integrating illegal immigrants by making it possible for them to obtain legal residency or citizenship?







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Just in case you didn’t catch the debate, even though I’m sure clips from it will be thrown at you, I was surprised they talked about different issues like abortion and education. I found a snip where they discussed Roe v. Wade and since I know it is Fiorella’s topic and was last week’s discussion, I’d thought I’d share with you guys.

I really personally admire Obama’s response and disregarded McCain towards the end when he spoke of the “pro-abortion” movement. I didn’t know one existed, I haven’t recently attended an abortion celebrations. I found the term “pro-abortion” very insulting and ignorant of John McCain. He also went on to use the term directly after Obama pointed out that no one essentially is for abortion.

Also McCain’s comments about Obama’s view of abortion reminded of an ad that ran not to long ago. I found another video of the ad that ran where a girl who survived abortion stated that she would not be here if Obama had his way (the clip I’ve posted also includes an interview with the star of the ad).

I fact checked the ad and Obama’s supposed support of infanticide. Obama voted against the specific bill McCain refers to because he saw the bill as undermining to Roe v. Wade. I also fact checked on wether or not Gianna Jessen the girl who claims Obama would have ended her life would honestly not survived under Obama. I found that she would have lived under Obama or McCain, either way she would have lived, her life would have been protected by Illinois law.

I also would like to point out I admire the little bit of dignity that “Allen” brings to Hannity’s interview with Jessen, by sticking up for Obama something which seems to be against Fox News code of conduct.

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McCain and Obama on 60 Minutes

Here is the link  to the interviews of the two presidential candidates and their position on the major issues ( the economy, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, energy policy and health care) from last nights ’60 Minutes’. I thought this a good opportunity to compare what each candidate stands for.

http://www.cbsnews.com/video/60minutes/. This link will lead you to the 60 Minutes Video archive. There are 6 Videos (the whole last nights episode of 60 Minutes) you can watch and see the different opinions of the two presidential candidates.

Just thought it was interesting to watch and wanted to share it with the rest of the class.

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I think is possible that McCain knew that Palin’s dauther was pregnant prior to choosing her. He probably picked  her on purpose knowing this.  What better way to make a pro-life statement? Any negative comments from Democrats regarding this issue can be viewed as heartless or pro-abortion.

For what I understand, Palin is s strong supported of “Abstinence only” sex education.

A pregnant teenage daughter is a crisis that many Americans families face. How do you think Americans are viewing this issue? I find that Republicans are sending a contrasting message. Palin obviously could not get her message across her own daughter. How can she preach something that failed in her own home?

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An Enduring Peace Built on Freedom

Securing America’s Future

By John McCain

From Foreign Affairs , November/December 2007

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McCain begins his essay by telling us that America needs “a president who can” do what, specifically? What have Americans believed since “the dawn of our Republic”? What have “Americans understood from the Revolution to the Cold War? And how have Americans “changed the world”? What did Harry Truman once say of America? Do any of these ideas find an echo in Obama’s essay?

McCain now enumerates some of the things the “next president” will need to do and must be prepared to do. What are those things that our next president will need to do and must be prepared to do?

In the first major section of his essay, “Winning the War on Terror,” McCain identifies what, specifically, as “the national security challenge of our time”? And what “is this war’s central front”? According to whom? What did the US do “after four years of conflict” that now “gives us a realistic chance of success” in Iraq? What, according to McCain, would be the “horrific” consequences of failure in Iraq? What critique does McCain make of the approach to Iraq of the “Democratic candidates”? And we’ll look in detail at Obama’s approach in upcoming posts.

What has recently been happening in Afghanistan, and what must we do there, according to McCain? McCain says that “success in neighboring Pakistan is just as vital.” Why? And what must we do in Pakistan to achieve success? There have been important changes in Pakistan since McCain wrote this essay. Can anybody name one or two of those changes? We’ll look more closely at both McCain’s and Obama’s current thinking on Pakistan/Afghanistan in upcoming posts.

Iran is also a threat, according to McCain. Why is Iran a threat and what can we do about this threat? What are the similarities and/or differences in Obama’s and McCain’s respective approaches to Iran? How does McCain intend to prevent “a new generation of [terrorists] from joining the fight”?

In the next section “Defending the Homeland,” McCain sketches an ambitious plan to rebuild and revitalize our defense capacities. How does he intend to rebuild our military? But note that he wants also to “transform” the military. We need not only “more soldiers” but also the “necessary skills necessary to help friendly governments and their security forces resist common foes.” What skills are those, and how does he intend to provide them? He also wants to “set up a new agency…a modern-day OSS.” What would be the purpose of this new agency? We must also “enhance our civilian capacity,” McCain says. How? And finally, what must we “revitalize”?

McCain moves on to one of his favorite ideas, the League of Democracies, and we’ll look more closely at that idea and the rest of his essay next time.

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In the next section of his essay, “Uniting the World’s Democracies,” McCain talks about one of the signature ideas of his campaign, the League of Democracies, an idea touted by one of his advisors, Robert Kagan, which we’ll look at in more detail in future posts. This League would not be a reprise of Woodrow Wilson’s “doomed plan for the universal-membership League of Nations but “would be similar to what Theodore Roosevelt envisioned.” What did TR envision? And as McCain envisions it, what would his League be prepared to do?

In the next section McCain talks about “Revitalizing the Transatlantic Partnership” between the US and the EU. “The future” of this partnership “lies in confronting” what, specifically? What, according to McCain do we see today in Russia? McCain wants a “new Western approach” to Russia. What are the elements of this “new Western approach”?

McCain now talks about America’s relationship to Asia, Latin America, and Africa. According to McCain, what is “the key to meeting” the challenges posed by North Korea and “ changing Asia”? “In Southeast Asia, what will McCain “seek” and what will he “continue”? Like Russia, China will pose the next president a significant problem. What are some of the “provocative acts” on China’s part to which the US will be compelled to “react”? McCain mentions two “liberalizations” that he would like to see the Chinese undertake. What are they, and why are they important?

Latin America: How does McCain envision our future relations with Mexico, Venezuela, and Cuba?

Africa: How does McCain envision our future relations with African nations in general and with Sudan in particular?

McCain now talks about two pressing global problems: nuclear proliferation and the environment. What, according to McCain, is “the mistaken assumption behind” the NPT? Does he have a specific nation in mind? “The next US president must convene a summit of the world’s leading powers…with three agenda items.” What are those three items”?

What are the elements of McCain’s “national energy strategy”?

McCain titles the last section of his essay “Preparing to Lead.” How will McCain enhance “America’s economic leadership in the globalized world of the twenty-first century”? How does McCain characterize America’s ”unique form of leadership”? Specifically, it is the antithesis of—what? In what resources are “we” (there’s that troubling pronoun again!) especially rich? In what ways are we “a special nation”? “As president, what will McCain “seek”?

What did James Madison, “almost two centuries ago” identify as “the great struggle of the Epoch”? “Many thought that this struggle ended with the Cold War, but it did not,” McCain says. What are the “new guises” this struggle has taken on?

What did Thomas Jefferson say about America? According to McCain, what will be “the surest source of security and peace for the century that lies before us”? McCain ends the essay by assuring us that he is ready to do what?

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