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Just in case you didn’t catch the debate, even though I’m sure clips from it will be thrown at you, I was surprised they talked about different issues like abortion and education. I found a snip where they discussed Roe v. Wade and since I know it is Fiorella’s topic and was last week’s discussion, I’d thought I’d share with you guys.

I really personally admire Obama’s response and disregarded McCain towards the end when he spoke of the “pro-abortion” movement. I didn’t know one existed, I haven’t recently attended an abortion celebrations. I found the term “pro-abortion” very insulting and ignorant of John McCain. He also went on to use the term directly after Obama pointed out that no one essentially is for abortion.

Also McCain’s comments about Obama’s view of abortion reminded of an ad that ran not to long ago. I found another video of the ad that ran where a girl who survived abortion stated that she would not be here if Obama had his way (the clip I’ve posted also includes an interview with the star of the ad).

I fact checked the ad and Obama’s supposed support of infanticide. Obama voted against the specific bill McCain refers to because he saw the bill as undermining to Roe v. Wade. I also fact checked on wether or not Gianna Jessen the girl who claims Obama would have ended her life would honestly not survived under Obama. I found that she would have lived under Obama or McCain, either way she would have lived, her life would have been protected by Illinois law.

I also would like to point out I admire the little bit of dignity that “Allen” brings to Hannity’s interview with Jessen, by sticking up for Obama something which seems to be against Fox News code of conduct.


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